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Whistle and ID tag tube

Seriously useful
Training whistle and ID tag tube

The lightweight, compact (it's approximately 8cms long), high frequency whistle is ideal for dog training, both indoors and out.

Do not buy this whistle if you want a completely silent whistle. This whistle can be adjusted but throughout the range you will hear it - in the same way that when you're watching sheepdog trials on the TV you can hear the handler's whistle.

Adjust the pitch of the whistle to suit your own dog. Wait until s/he's not focussed on you and gently blow on the whistle. You adjust the whistle's pitch by shortening or lengthening the whistle using the simple thread adjustment. When you've found the pitch which fixes your dog's attention, firmly tighten the small locking nut - this prevents the whistle unscrewing itself (and the bottom part falling off). This is far more complicated to explain than it is to actually do!

Every dog is different - we cannot promise that this whistle will work with your dog.

Use the whistle with varying sequences to train your dog to respond with particular actions. Before you start training your dog work out the different combinations of blows you're going to use - and what each signal will mean. For example, one long blow on the whistle could mean 'come', while a series of short, staccato bursts might mean 'sit'. (Tip: keep the shortest for the most-often used!)

The light, 2cm-long ID tube is suitable for any breed of dog. When unscrewed in two parts, you'll see that a small piece of paper is included for you to write your contact details. (Tip: for security purposes don't write your address on this paper - just a phone number and/or email is best.)

When screwing it back together, screw it as tightly as you can - and when it's on your dog check it intermittently to make sure it isn't loosening.

Last updated: 26 January 2012

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