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Safely back on board - via the Skamper-Ramp

The Super Skamper-Ramp can be used in either of two lengths. Whilst in most circumstances it will be to the dog's advantage to have the ramp at its maximum length with the extension panel fitted, when appropriate the length of the Super Skamper-Ramp can be easily shortened by removing the extension panel.

The width of the Super Skamper-Ramp was determined by the fact that the placement of the feet of virtually all dogs never exceeds 12 inches. Even the largest dog's upper body can be held out of water by the Super Skamper-Ramp, allowing the ramp to do what in the very worst case it is designed to do - prevent drowning.

Skamper-Ramp logoFor people with very small dogs - toy and teacup breeds - both you and your dog might feel more comfortable if white toweling is put down on the ramp so there isn't a chance that your dog will be frightened by the ramp's hole pattern nor can it mistakenly slip a leg into one of the holes as it learns to use the ramp.

You might also find the ramp useful as an indoor ramp, enabling your dog to get onto, or down from, favourite resting spots.

Training your dog to use the Super Skamper Ramp

With repetition your dog will begin to understand that the ramp is a really easy way out of (and back into!) the water.

To view a movie showing just how simple it may be to train your dog please click here. (The short video will open in a new browser window.)

Ramp weight
Boxed: 2.7 kg (5.95 lbs)
Assembled: 2.2kg (4.75 lbs)

Ramp size
Assembled (fully extended): 106  x 33 x 16 cm (42 x 13 x 6.5 inches)

Exiting a pool via the Skamper-Ramp

Assembly Assembly of the Super Skamper-Ramp should take less than five minutes. Detailed instructions are laid out below (assembling the ramp is not nearly as complicated as it looks!).

The Super Skamper-Ramp main components The supplied kit comprises:

1 Super Skamper-Ramp
1 Extension panel
2 Ramp support bars
1 component bag containing:

2 D-ring clips
2 nylon washers
72 inches of 0.25 inch nylon rope

The Super Scamper-Ramp

The ramp is packaged with the side walls folded against the top of the ramp. In order to assemble, you will need to open out the side walls, so the ramp and side walls are laid out flat.

To begin assembly, turn the parts face down (so the 'Skamper-Ramp' logo is against the floor).

Align the locking features, then fold the side walls up, snapping them together against the ramp body and, if it's being used, the extension panel.

Align the support bars with the slots in the side walls and the ramp and, if it's being used, the extension panel. Push down evenly on the support bars, so that they slide into position evenly. Try to snap both sides into position as close to simultaneously as reasonably possible.

The Super Scamper-Ramp The Super Scamper-Ramp The underside (left) and topside (right) views of the completely assembled Super Skamper-Ramp.


Super Skamper-Ramp attached to existing cleatFor owners who do not want to drill new holes for new fastening positions, it is possible to use existing, convenient, tie-down points - the photo alongside shows the Super Scamper-Ramp attached to an existing cleat; just be sure to check the tautness of the rope from time to time - the knots can loosen, particularly when they are tied around, for example, a railing.

There are many creative ways to attach the ramp, but you must be sure that the ropes are not spread too far apart - they should be parallel or come together at one point - and that the back and wings of the Super Scamper-Ramp have a straight/vertical surface to brace snuggly against.

There is no one correct way to install a Super Skamper-Ramp. However, it is critical that at least a few inches of the round 'nose' end need are submerged so that the white ramp breaks the water surface and your dog, while swimming and perhaps even in stress, can see the ramp leading out of the water.

The ramp should float/hang in the water at an angle of approximately 30 degrees.

There are two sets of holes in the ramp for threading the attaching rope. In order to have a snug fit a vertical edge is required, as straight as possible, such as offered by the stern of many boats or a pool wall.

The open-box end of the ramp needs to be fitted as snuggly as possible against several inches of the rigid flat, vertical, surface so that when your dog gets on the 'nose' end of the Super Skamper-Ramp the ramp has something to brace against as it takes the dog's weight. If your boat doesn't have a straight, vertical edge then you'll need to join the many people in a similar position who've used a little ingenuity to create the required straight edge!

Last updated: 28 January 2010

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