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The Poo-ch

With your Poo-ch next to your pooch you can relax, knowing that you won't have problems dealing with any 'evidence' left behind!

The open Poo-chThis handy little poo-bag dispenser clips easily onto any convenient loop or handle on lead, collar, belt, carry bag or stroller or can easily be popped into a bag or pocket. The quick-release plastic clip fastening makes it easy-peasy to transfer your Poo-ch between attachments. (Although at this price why not buy a couple of Poo-ches - better be safe than sorry!)

The shiny, cute, Poo-ch is manufactured in strong plastic. It it available in either pink with black or white markings or white with black markings, a red tongue, a brown collar and 'wobble' eyes. Each Poo-ch measures 10 x 5 x 5cms (4 x 2 x 2ins) - which is about the size of a (very fat!) mobile phone - and weighs next to nothing!

The open Poo-chThe Poo-ch accepts any of the rolls of bags available from pet shops. The blue, semi-transparent, disposable, polythene bags we supply are perforated rolls of 20 bags and are easily inserted into the Poo-ch by simply unplugging his rear end (not nearly as painful as it sounds!). Refill rolls (a pound or two will buy you 5 rolls of bags!) can be easily obtained from a range of high street stores and pet shops. A roll of bags is 5cms (2ins) long and 4cms (1.5ins) in diameter. When opened out, each bag measures a substantial 25 x 25cms (10 x 10ins). Even allowing for tying a knot in the top, these bags are big enough for even the biggest... hmmm, that sentence was heading for far too much detail, I think!

Last updated: 25 January 2012

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