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The labrador mannequin

Incredibly realistic

model labrador mannequin

(our own real lab jumped the first time she saw it!)

Wide variety of uses:
Display model
Veterinary demonstrator
Children's 'pet'
Burglar discourager!

The most realistic model dog we've ever seen!

The model is the size of a smallish lab. The outer material is soft-to-touch brushed nylon. It is stuffed with polystyrene beads around a wire frame. The legs are flexible - to a degree - and can be re-shaped. The head has a restricted nodding action.

It is brand-new and comes with the manufacturer's tags still attached.

I've sold these for a wide variety of uses, including: to retail outlets for displaying coats, houses, cages, etc; to vet practices for staff training and illustrating to clients; to dog trainers as a demonstration aid; as children's 'pets' (seems to ward off the requests for a real dog for a while!); as a burglar deterrent (a top-of-the-stairs location seems popular); a remembrance of a family pet.

Last updated: 15 December 2011

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