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The rubberised underside shown laying over the fabric upper sideBig enough - and small enough!

The liner's large size - it's 150cm (59") length x 120cm (47") width (or use it the other way around if you prefer!) - will cover most car boots; to demonstrate its size the main photo on the home page shows it fitted in a Renault Espace - amongst the largest of people carriers. The material is extremely flexible - the edges can be adjusted to suit any size of smaller vehicle.


The tight weave of the covering fabric resists penetration by water, oil, chemicals or any other fluids.

The photo alongside shows the rubberised underside of the liner overlaying the fabric upper side, the two sides meticulously seamed together which a substantial edging material..

A close-up showing the carpet-like weave of the upper linerEasy removal and washing

Whilst the liner can be left in place and wiped clean using a damp cloth or brush, it's easy to remove (just unclip and fold it - or more probably stuff it! - into a shopping bag!), wash (fully machine washable at 30c), dry and replace.

The photo alongside is a close-up of the liner to show the dense weave of the upper surface of the liner.

Easy fitting - use in the boot space or over the rear seats!

It doesn't matter whether you have an estate, hatchback, SUV or saloon - this liner can be fitted to any type of car*! (*Except two-seaters!) If you ever need to use it in someone else's car, fitting it takes just a few moments!

An adjustable fastening clip looped around a head-restEvery liner is supplied with four fitting attachments.

If you have an estate or hatchback, use just two of the attachments to hang the liner from the rear head rests - protecting the back of the rear seats (cleverly-positioned velcro tape fastens the 'vertical' part of the rug to the back of the rear seat) and the boot floor. The photo alongside is a close-up showing how each attachment clip is wrapped around a headrest (in the same way that, for example, braces clip onto trousers!) and fastened to the liner.

If you have a conventional saloon car, using all four fitting attachments enables the liner to be hung like a 'hammock', slung between front and rear headrests. In this way not only are the entire rear seats protected but also covered over are the backs of the front seats.

Rolled up and stored behind the rear seatsAnd if you've got a car where the passenger seats can be completely removed (or perhaps a van), you can use the liner without any attachments, laid flat to cover the complete floor area!

When you've got a full load of people and also need to use the liner, it's sufficently flexible to be folded so that it covers only part of the width of the car (enabling a passenger or two to sit alongside).

With the attaching straps completely removable, the liner can be used wherever you need to protect a floor or surface. If you need it for only occasional car use why not also use it in the house, perhaps where your dog sleeps. When you and your pooch are on the move fitting it in your car will take about 20 seconds!

Last updated: 11 October 2011

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