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The Keep-kleen car boot liner - and Phoebe!Whatever you're transporting in your car - don't let it make a mess of your car! Use a Keep-Kleen car boot liner!

What might you be transporting in the boot of your car? Gardening paraphernalia... household bit and bobs... beach gear... sports kit... stuff for the recycling centre... the mother-in-law... dogs!

All these things (except the mother-in-law, bless her!) can leave their mark on your car's seats and fittings; protect your car with a huge, high-quality fabric protector - the market-leading Keep-Kleen car boot liner!

But before we begin, may I share with you a customer's email?

Hi Ian

What a fantastic service. I received my car boot cover and fastenings this morning.
Cannot believe the efficiency of your service.

I used the car cover this morning and to say I was impressed was putting it mildly!!
Thank you for a fantastic product and an even better service.

Kind regards


Interested in that kind of product and service? Then read on!

This liner's got it covered!

Whatever the car, this liner has got it covered! The liner's universal fit means that it can be used in whatever vehicle you choose. Protects not only the floor of your car (as some smaller liners do) but also the fabric on the rear of the seats.

This protective liner can be fitted to cover either the boot/trunk space of estates and hatchbacks or the rear seats of any model of car.

Quality counts!

The hard-wearing liner is neutrally-coloured; its flecked mid-grey upper surface is manufactured from a dense, strong, ribbed, cord-like material. The black backing is a non-woven, rubberised, odourless (I've just been pressing my nose against one trying to smell rubber - not a trace!), breathable, anti-slip material. The liner is extremely well-finished using a heavy-duty black edging material.

Also can be used to cover the rear seats

Stow away when not required

When not in use the boot liner doesn't have to be removed from the car; leave the clips in place and stow the liner behind the rear seats by rolling it up. Secured by using its integral velcro tabs, the liner can easily be let back into place whenever you need it.

Light and flexible

Although these liners give a carpet-like impression and appear to be substantial items to be carrying around, in fact they're surprising light and flexible. In terms of handling they could be compared to - say - how a jacket or a fleece might feel (really! That light!). Definitely nothing like as heavy as a carpet!

Last updated: 11 October 2011

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