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Two of the available colours - and sizes

Two of the available colours - and sizes

However hot you dog gets, keep it cool (or cool it down!) with a stylish and easy-to-fit Keep Cool dog cooling coat.

Designed with the single objective of keeping your dog cool however hot it gets, these coats are brilliant for use before, during and after all outdoor activities - walking... obedience... agility... showing... sailing... car travel... even when you're sun bathing and the dog's laying out alongside you. And indoors on those hot, muggy, summer evenings and nights. You'll be amazed how the Keep Cool cooling dog coat helps keep your dog cool in a wide range of circumstances and situations.

The design and shape of the coat has been well thought through (by a dog owner!) to make sure that it fits all breeds of dogs. The two adjustable velcro tabs (one around the front, one around the body) are simple, secure and comfortable.

The coats are available in a comprehensive range of eight sizes and four attractive 'summer' colours.

These coats are made from an unique, synthetic, microporous material that is activated by water. As it puts moisture into the dog's coat, the capillary action of the microporous material draws the heat from the dog and - without wetting its coat - the controlled evaporation actually cools the dog more than the outdoor air. In circumstances where the dog has become overheated, perhaps by unintended extended exposure to sunlight or through vigorous activity, the coat will reduce its temperature to normal within 10 minutes - a claim tested and verified with a thermo imager.

Keep Cool cooling dog coats are simple to activate. Before use, the unique material of the coat is naturally stiff when dry; when soaked it becomes soft and supple. Soak the dry coat in cool water for a minute or two (no refrigeration necessary), lightly ring it out and place on your dog. That's it!

The material is super absorbent, absorbing six times faster and holding 100% more water than any other material. It's lightweight, breathable, durable, comfortable and doesn't drip and is manufactured with a high 'environmentally friendly' factor.

The coat will keep your dog cool for up to four hours at temperatures up to 30 degrees c (that's serious heat!) - and very much longer on a normal UK summer's day. When the coat does dry out, all that's needed to reactivate it is more water.

The unique material of the coat will expand by one inch (2.5cms) all around when wet. When testing for size, please try the coat on dry. Once wet, we are unable to refund or exchange coats.

It is recommended that the coat is air-dried between uses and can be stored in its bag that is provided, which can also be used to carry around the coat when wet.

The coat is not affected by mould or mildew and, if required, is machine washable at maximum 30c, using non-biological powder.

Keep Cool cooling dog coats are particularly useful for dogs with illnesses that cause breathing difficulties in the heat. The coat helps to prevent panting and moderate the dog's breathing, as a result relieving stress.

The Keep Cool coat has helped dogs with illnesses and has saved lives. The case is documented of a dog with a heart condition; the Keep Cool coat helped with the dog's breathing and blood circulation, giving the dog a new lease of life. Another documented case was of a dog needing a major operation - a Keep Cool coat was used to bring the dog's temperature down, enabling the procedure to be (successfully) performed.

The sniffer dogs of HMS Customs at Heathrow Airport use Keep Cool cooling dog coats in difficult conditions. The coats are also supplied to the MOD and the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment. Keep Cool cooling dog coats have been sent to Afghanistan, for use by military sniffer dogs in the most demanding of conditions. The coats are also used by many other government agencies, besides increasing civilian use by the general public for flyball teams, obedience, agility and training, and also incorporated in the regime of many top show dogs.

The Keep Cool colling dog coat has been featured in a range of publications and website reviews. The August 2012 edition of Your Dog magazine included the Keep Cool in a 'tried a tested' comparison against a range of other cooling coats; the and Keep Cool came top with full marks, and was chosen as the Tester's Choice. That's quite a recommendation!

Last updated: 7 May 2013

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