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series of dual-function pet grooming and de-shedding combs

The Hair-raiser in its packaging

A last reassurance (or two) before you decide to buy a Hair-raiser. We receive a constant stream of testimonials expressing delight with the Hair-raiser; here are two received within hours of each other.

From Maureen Milne of Belfast:
"I received my Hair-raiser last week. Absolutely first class, I can't believe the difference. I will be recommending it to my friends. Great product."

And from Lisa McDonnell of Brixham in Devon, this forensic analysis:
"I just want to tell you how brilliant this comb is for my labrador coat. He is 2 1/2 years old. Since I've had him he periodically has small bald patches, mainly on his face but sometimes on his back or legs. I have taken him to the vet but we've been unable to find a cause. Changed his diet and all the normal things for skin conditions to no avail. Anyway, since using the Hair-raiser he hasn't had any patches... I've actually tested the theory and stopped using it - he had a patch back on his face. I conclude that he is allergic to his own dander; the Hair-raiser has cured the problem! I would be happy for you to share this discovery with everyone. I am over the moon!"

Hair-raiser 60 in its packaging

Hair-raiser 80 in its packaging

Hair-raiser 100 in its packaging

Hair-raiser 60 at £17.50:

Hair-raiser 80 at £19.50:

Hair-raiser 100 at £21.50:

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Last updated: 7 October 2014

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