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The Hair-raiser 60, 80 and 100 in their packagingThe
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Hair-raiser 60
Hair-raiser 80
Hair-raiser 100

Dual-function grooming and de-shedding combs for all animals which grow coats

Collecting dead hair only, no cutting involved!

Grooming with the Hair-raiser© - which is available in a range of three sizes - removes the loose hair and dander trapped in your pet's coat, leaving a clean undercoat and healthy, shiny, topcoat.

I first saw this comb demonstrated at a trade fair in China, early in 2009. The demonstration involved a spaniel with a coat which already looked in pretty good condition to me.

A few strokes of the Hair-raiser© using the widely-set rake followed by just a couple of strokes using the narrow-set teeth resulted in a comb-ful of dead hair and other grot! There was no cutting involved - all the hair must have been lying loose in the dog's coat. And the dog was clearly enjoying the grooming experience!

This is a product which may revolutionise the way you care for your pet's coat! We are pleased to be the sole importer of the Hair-raiser© into the UK - this product is only available directly from us.

The Hair-raiser 60, 80 and 100

Using the dual-function Hair-raiser© grooming and de-shedding comb

Simply flip between the two combs!

With the wide-set rake teeth comb of the Hair-raiser© engaged, gently groom your pet's coat to free any loose hair trapped in the coat; at the same time knotted or matted hair will be freed or even trapped and removed. Stroke as you would with a hair brush - up and away from the animal's body. Depending on the breed of pet and condition of its coat, an amount of the freed hair will be completely removed by the rake teeth. However, most of the loose hair and dander - small particles of skin, similar to dandruff - will remain in the coat.

Some short-haired breeds will not require the use of the wide-set rake teeth. On the other hand, with profusely-shedding coats you may spend many weeks grooming and collecting with only the wide-set rake teeth before the coat is in a condition which permits collecting the dead hair with the narrow-set de-shedding comb teeth.

Flipping the head of the Hair-raiser© engages the narrow-set, stainless steel, precision engineered, de-shedding comb teeth. Re-grooming the previously-raked area collects and removes all the remaining loose hair and dander.

Removing trapped, loose hair immediately it has been freed avoids it transferring to furniture, carpets, car seats or clothing - so everyone and everything stays cleaner. (And we all know the smell of a neglected coat after the animal has been out in the rain!)

With increasing usage and familiarity you'll discover the combination of the two combs which is appropriate for different areas of the coat.

To take the example of a spaniel, to maintain the leg feathers in optimum condition expect to make more use of the wide-set rake teeth, whilst on the legs themselves expect to make more use of the narrow- set de-shedding comb teeth.

Using the Hair-raiser© also benefits the animal's coat, stimulating the growth of new, healthy hair. After just a few grooming sessions the general improvement in the appearance and condition of your pet's coat will be noticeable.

How soon can you start using the Hair-raiser©? We started gently grooming (more like stroking with the comb, really!) our new labrador puppy at eight weeks. Not much hair gathered in the early days but by ten weeks we'd started collecting a measureable amount of discarded hair. Of course, every breed, and every dog within every breed, will be different.

To maintain your pet's coat in optimum condition use the Hair-raiser© once or twice a week. Always groom gently and calmly, in the direction of the coat is laying, avoiding irritation of the skin.

Take care when grooming in particularly sensitive areas - for example the tummy and genitals. The experience should be pleasurable for both you and your pet!

The two sets of teeth of the Hair-raiser 100

Above: The two combs of the 'Hair-raiser'.

Below: The market-leading 'Furminator' and the 'Hair-raiser' compared.
The 'Furminator' (left) has one comb with narrow-set teeth (2.6" / 6.6cms wide); it costs between £20.00 and £30.00.
The 'Hair-raiser 60' (right) is the narrowest of the three combs in the range and has one comb with narrow-set teeth (2.3" / 6.1cms wide) and another comb with wide-set teeth (2.2" / 5.8cms wide); it is available at about half the price of the 'Furminator'.

The 'Furminator' and 'Hair-raiser' compared

A cute story

Most summer weekends we attend shows to sell our doggy things. Phoebe, our 13-year-old labrador, comes along, enabling us to demonstrate that the Hair-raiser really works. As a result Phoebe has two days' grooming every week.

At at recent show, during the day I took Phoebe for a stroll. After a while we found ourselves walking in front of three teenage girls; I couldn't help hearing one of them say to her friends: "Wow, that dog's coat is soooo lush".

After I'd thanked her for the kind comment, one of her friends asked me what product I applied to make Phoebe's coat so shiny (she claimed she wanted some for her own hair!). I truthfully told her that I didn't apply anything - that Phoebe's gleaming coat was due only to regular grooming.

That's the difference the Hair-raiser can make -
so obvious even teenagers notice!

When you pick up a Hair-raiser©, the first thing that will strike you is the quality of manufacture.

The unit as a whole has a solid 'feel' to it, the head pivoting between the two combs with a reassuringly firm, yet easy, motion.

The handle features a soft-grip rubber covering.

The Hair-raiser© is supplied complete with a safety head cover which can be fitted over the finely-set teeth when not in use.

The Hair-raiser© is attractively presented in informative, vacuum-formed packaging - a fabulous gift for any pet lover!

Last updated: 10 October 2016

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