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The two sets of teeth of the Hair-raiser 100 from the side

The 'Hair-raiser 100'

The Hair-raiser range is available in three widths - the 60, the 80 and the 100. Your choice of Hair-raiser will be determined by a number of factors, for example, the size of the animal, the area to be groomed, the density of the coat, the time you have available for grooming, the price you want to pay. The Hair-raiser 100 is the widest of the three combs in the range and is typically too large for animals smaller than very large dogs.

The range of dog breeds of a suitable size for the Hair-raiser 100 would be those at least equal to the size, and coat density, of golden retrievers. Of course you could use the Hair-raiser 80, or even the Hair-raiser 60, to groom such large or heavily-coated dogs - but the more appropriately-sized Hair-raiser 100 would get the job done more quickly!

Of course, the Hair-raiser 100 can be used on a lot more species of animals than dogs. Alpacas, goats, llamas, donkeys, horses, cattle... if it grows a coat the Hair-rasier can groom it!

The two sets of Hair-raiser 100 teethIf you're really undecided about which of two widths to choose, we'd suggest you choose the narrower width; although inevitably slower, it will be easier to use as you navigate around the nooks and crannies. If you later decide a wider comb would be more effective, by then you'll have a queue of people who'll have seen the results and will welcome your old comb!

The 26 widely-set teeth of the Hair-raiser 100's rake comb are individually - and robustly - set into the casement.

Almost 100 (yes, we've actually counted them!) finely-set teeth comprise the de-shedding comb, precision-engineered from a single piece of stainless steel and extending to the full 4 inches (10 cms) width of the head of the comb (in use, this seems to be just about the perfect grooming width for larger dogs and all equine animals). The close set of the teeth ensure that there is no collection wastage when the dead hair is combed out.

As the comb head is flipped between combs, the chosen set of teeth lock firmly into place.

The Hair-raiser© 100 measures 5.0 x 7.5 inches (12.5 x 19.0 cms) and, weighing 7.5 ounces (225g), feels reassuringly substantial in the hand.

The packaging of each Hair-raiser© 100 contains detailed information on ways to maximise its usefulness on your animal.

The Hair-raiser 100

To view your choice from a range of movies showing the Hair-raiser© 60, Hair-raiser© 80 and Hair-raiser© 100 in action please click on any of the links below.


Beagle/Bernese cross

Belgian shepherd

Blue Merle

Border terrier 1

Border terrier 2

Border collie 1

Border collie 2

Border collie 3

Border collie 4

Chesapeake retriever

Cocker spaniel 1

Cocker spaniel 2

Cocker spaniel - ears!



German wire-haired Pointer

German shepherd

Golden retriever 1

Golden retriever 2


Jack Russell terrier 1

Jack Russell terrier 2

Jack Russell terrier 3

Korthal Griffon


Labrador - black

Labrador - chocolate 1

Labrador - chocolate 2

Labrador - yellow



Patterdale terrier


Retriever/Poodle cross


Scottie 1

Scottie 2

Shetland sheepdog

Shih Tzu

Siberian husky 1

Siberian husky 2

Springer spaniel 1

Springer spaniel 2




Wheaten terrier

Yorkie 1

Yorkie 2


Thoroughbred horse

Still not convinced? Should any faint doubt remain then have a look at this video!
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Big thanks to Hannah and family for humouring me - I hope you visit and see the video one day!

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