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Three of the five different Hair-raiser 'Solo' rakesIn use, the Hair-raiser Solo is comprised of two parts; one part is the handle, the other part is the user's choice of head. The two parts clip and lock together (the head can be released and changed for a different head as and when required). This page focusses on the five different rakes which are available.

Under normal circumstances, it could be expected that a rake (rather than a comb) would be the tool of choice to address the problems associated with coats which are dense, unkempt, long or extremely curly - or any combination of these attributes. The sets of teeth of the five rake heads differ from each other in many ways: thickness; length; numbers of rows; overall width. Be reassured - there's a rake which is suitable for every type of long or dense coat.

The five different rakes are shown alongside. (Upper image, from the top: 40; 30; 16/17. Lower image, from the top: 20; 19/20). The teeth of the five different rakes fall into two groups, one group of three, another group of two - as grouped in the photos. Within each of these two sub-groups, the rakes differ in various ways. For example, within the first group, whilst the '40' has a set of teeth which are tightly spaced. the '30' and the '16/17' have teeth which are more widely spaced - and in the case of the '16/17', has teeth which alternate between two different lengths. The significant difference between the two rakes which comprise the second group is the number of rows of widely-spaced teeth; the '20' has one row of teeth, the 19/20 has two rows of teeth. The user would choose the rake most appropriate to the coat of the animal being groomed.

Two of the five different Hair-raiser 'Solo' rakesThe user can buy whichever head, or heads, might be needed. In a few moments a head can be clipped into place on the handle - and in another moment that head removed and replaced by a different head.

The universal handle used with the Hair-raiser 'Solo' tools

If you'd like to have a selection of the different heads in your hands before making a choice, please contact us; we can arrange something, I'm sure. Similarly, if you're not sure which head, or heads, would be best for you then, again, please contact us by phone or email (follow the link to our contact details at the top of this page).

So now there's a choice of the amazing Hair-raiser de-shedding tools: choose from the original twin-head Hair-raiser Duo range (which of course remains available) or the single-head (with interchangeable heads) Hair-raiser Solo range. Spoilt for choice now, aren't you!

Last updated: 26 March 2014

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