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The range of four Hair-raiser 'Solo' combsIn use, the Hair-raiser Solo is comprised of two parts; one part is the handle, the other part is the user's choice of head. The two parts clip and lock together (the head can be released and changed for a different head as and when required). This page focusses on the four different combs which are available.

The four different combs are shown alongside. (From the top: 55; 65; 75; 95.) The teeth of the four different combs are identical. The combs only differ in their overall width; the user would choose the width proportionate to the size of the animal being groomed. Or perhaps make the choice simply based on which width feels most comfortable. Or even just buy based on cost - the narrower the comb, the lower the price!

The user can buy whichever head, or heads, might be needed. In a few moments a head can be clipped into place on the handle - and in another moment removed and replaced by a different head. So whereas the owner of, for example, a little short-haired pug would effectively manage the maintenance of the dog's coat by buying a Hair-raiser Solo handle together with the narrowest of the three fine combs (the '55'), at the other extreme a professional dog groomer, to be confident of meeting the wide-ranging demands of the massive variations possible in dog coats, might buy a handle and the complete range of nine heads. Every requirement falls at either of these two extremes or somewhere in between!

The universal handle used with the Hair-raiser 'Solo' tools

If you'd like to have a selection of the different heads in your hands before making a choice, please contact us; we can arrange something, I'm sure. Similarly, if you're not sure which head, or heads, would be best for you then, again, please contact us by phone or email (follow the link to our contact details at the top of this page).

So now there's a choice of the amazing Hair-raiser de-shedding tools: choose from the original twin-head Hair-raiser Duo range (which of course remains available) or the single-head (with interchangeable heads) Hair-raiser Solo range. Spoilt for choice now, aren't you!

Last updated: 26 March 2014

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