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The full range of Hair-raisr 'Solo' combs and rakes

Hair-raiser 'Solo'
range of de-shedding combs and rakes

Collecting dead hair only, no cutting involved!

We are delighted to present an amazing new grooming product for 2014 - the Hair-raiser 'Solo©'.

Grooming with the Hair-raiser Solo© - which is available in a range of NINE different heads - removes the loose hair and dander trapped in your pet's coat, leaving a clean undercoat and healthy, shiny, topcoat.

Since introducing the original Hair-raiser Duo in 2009 we have been looking for an item which can extend our range of grooming products. Finally, we've found one! (Actually, we've found NINE - read on!)

Over the last few years, the original Hair-raiser Duo comb - with its flip-over head that facilitates grooming with both a rake and a fine comb - has proved an incredibly popular product for grooming any animal that sheds its coat.

But a proportion of people who've bought it didn't think they would have a particular need for both heads - they've bought it knowing that it's a bargain even if they only use one side of the flip-over head!

Similarly, there are people who haven't bought the original Hair-raiser Duo because they can't bring themselves to buy a double-headed grooming tool when they know they're never going to use one of the two heads.

So, for all those people who are convinced they only want a single-sided Hair-raiser we have good news - it's now available. Welcome to the Hair-raiser Solo!

The Hair-raiser Solo takes a different approach to grooming. Where the original Hair-raiser Duo offers the user a permanent 'flip-over' choice between two heads, the Hair-raiser Solo has only one head - but it has a choice of NINE different, interchangeable, heads!

Where the original Hair-raiser Duo can be considered a 'general purpose' tool, useful in one way or another on all coats, the Hair-raiser Solo offers a 'modular' approach, enabling the user to customise the tool, using the interchangeable heads, to do exactly what's needed on any particular coat.

Last updated: 26 March 2014

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