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The 'Little' and 'Large' go-pet transportation systems

The ingenious Go-pet
(for dogs, cats and more!)
is a pet stroller, carrier, car seat 
and mobile home all in one product - 
the complete travel system
for a pet on the move!

The 'Little' go-petThe Go-pet is available in two sizes: the 'Little' Go-pet (illustrated left in pink) is suitable for the smallest breeds of dogs - and puppies of all breeds - and cats (besides any other species of animals you might need to transport!), whilst the 'Large' Go-pet (illustrated below in midnight blue and magnolia and also available in dusky rose and cream) will typically accommodate dogs up to terrier size and cats of any size!

The Go-pet is ideal for trips around the shops, to the park or to shows - and visits to the vet couldn't be easier! A Go-pet is the perfect way to address the problem of pets which have separation anxiety - just take them with you! Take your go-pet with you on holiday to cater for the unexpected!

Anyone who either owns a small dog or puppy or a dog where age, illness or injury restricts their mobility will know how tired they can become when out on even modest walks. The Go-pet is the perfect solution; besides conserving their strength it also removes the dangers from vehicles and other animals - it puts the fun back in walking!

The 'Large' go-petWith the Go-pet your pet can go almost anywhere with you. If you take your pet to shows, the Go-pet is ideal for transporting - and queueing! - and it also keeps your pet safe while you're setting up.

Ideal for extended periods out in the town or the country, the Go-pet offers a safe haven for your pet when those little legs begin to tire. If you have two dogs and one is capable of longer walks than the other, the Go-pet is the easy way to make sure both dogs walk as much as they would choose to! Opening and folding in seconds it keeps your pet both comfortable and secure.

  With a Go-pet your pet can always be at your side.

Our Go-pet stroller is a fully-functional aid to help you transport your pet and allow it to enjoy the outdoors.

And it also adds a touch of style!

Last updated: 28 January 2010

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