All dogged up in their
'Tiny' (Extra-extra-small) size life jackets

The look-out!


Look out!

Richard Hulett of Dereham in Norfolk sent in this photo of Louis, his Lhasa Apso / Yorkshire terrier cross, acting as look-out in a 'Tiny' (Extra-extra-small) size life jacket as they embarked on a canal adventure.

Louis, still very much a youngster at 15 months, is helping Richard enjoy his mid-life crisis - with a difference! No fast car or motorcycle for Richard - he chose a narrow boat and a puppy for crew.
The boat was finished earlier in the year and Lou and Richard have spent many happy weekends playing with their new toy. As Richard says: "Who knows where we will finally manage to travel to, but with a 2,000 mile canal system to explore, I'm sure we will have fun! You can see some pics of the boat's construction here.

Me? Jump? In there?

The eyes of Sid tell their own story as he looks straight into the camera of customer Kathleen England in her garden in Redmarley near Gloucester. Must he have a practice jump into the garden pond before venturing into the nearby river?

With Kathleen's reassurance that the thing strapped around him is a 'Tiny' (Extra-extra-small) size life jacket Sid was able to become more relaxed about this whole water thing.

But, did he jump?...

Caffrey More Caffrey!

French brew

Caffrey is a five year old papillon, photographed in his newly-acquired 'Tiny' (Extra-extra-small) size life jacket on the paw-things stand at the UK Toy Dog Show.


Spike - and Skamper-Ramp!

Super Skamper Spike

Niki O'Neill of Swansea took advantage of our amazing dog life jacket/Skamper-Ramp offer when she bought a 'Tiny' life jacket for Spike, her Jack Russell puppy.

Sorry, but couldn't resist the temptation to include a wider-angled shot of Spike showing him skampering up his Super Skamper-Ramp.

For more on our Skamper-Ramps please click here.

Mr Cooper Chihuahua


Photographed in his newly-acquired 'Tiny' (Extra-extra-small) size life jacket is Mr Cooper, the short smooth haired miniature daschund of Andrew Norris of Crumlin, Antrim.

Crick your neck to see her!

Photographed at the 2010 Crick Boat Show was this long-haired chihuahua, fitted out in her new 'Tiny' (Extra-extra-small) size life jacket.

Coreen's dax Coreen's dax - again!

Extreme sausage

Coreen Campbell of Essington, near Wolverhampton, sent in these photos of her four-year old, water-loving mini-dax, Jimi, photographed in his 'Tiny' (Extra-extra-small) size life jacket.

Jimi absolutely loves going in the sea around Wales and now he can go further in the water - he even goes on the kayak! On one occasion, when Daddy Campbell went off on his own in the kayak, Coreen's little extreme swimmer Jimi tried to swim after him!

Coreen added a note: "Thank youuuu! My doggy loves it :)".



This Maltese was photographed in her 'Tiny' (Extra-extra-small) size life jacket at the 2011 Cotswold Show.

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