All dogged up in their
'Micro' (Extra-extra-extra-small) size life jackets

Yorkshire terriers

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkie terrier


The Boys are back in town

These two Yorkies - reverentially referred to as 'The Boys' by all who encountered them - enjoyed a day out at the 2012 Crick Boat Show. In their 'Micro' (Extra-extra-extra-small) size life jackets are Bertie and Ben.

Or was it Ben and Bertie?

Or Ben and Billy?

Anyway, there were two of them, they were both absolutely tiny and they both looked great in their new life jackets!

Cat Paraplegic cat

Italian help

Monica Scannicchio, a vet from Taggia in Italy, kindly sent us these photos of a cat in the 'Micro' size buoyancy aid. The cat is 11 months old; when he was 3 months old he fell from a window, since when he has been paraplegic.

Monica and the team at Ambulatorio Veterinario Girasole, a physiotherapy facility for small animals, have been working with him to develop a method of 'spinal walking' by suspending him in an empty water chamber and using the treadmill.

You can only wish them good fortune.


Small comfort

The owner of this chihuahua, photographed in his new 'Micro' life jacket at the 2012 Crick Boat Show, was delighted to at last find a life jacket small enough for her tiny chihuahua.

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