All dogged up in their
'Medium' size life jackets


Bart and Lee

Taking the plunge

Here's Storm, the extremely energetic two year old Springer Spaniel of Louise Harvey and Rupert Charman of Biddisham, near Axbridge in Somerset.

Storm loves a good swim, more particularly diving in again and again. Here she is - kitted out in her 'Medium' life jacket - leaping into the local lake.

Don't rock the boat!

Bart is the eight month old cocker spaniel of the McCudden family from Selkirk in the Scottish Borders.

Helen and Kenny, together with son Lee, took Bart on his first holiday to Inverbeg Holiday Park, Loch Lomond, Argyll, Scotland.

In the photo Lee provides the canoeing muscle whilst Bart, wisely wearing his 'Medium' size life jacket, acts as a precariously-positioned lookout (wrong loch for spotting monsters though!).

Saxon and Pippin


From Frome

Five year old Saxon (left) and 12 year old Pippin (right) are the springer spaniels of Graham and Nicola Walker of Frome in Somerset. Both are working gun dogs - although misbehaviour now restricts Pippin to only 'guest' appearances. (Strange how when ladies reach a certain age so many of them start misbehaving!)

Photographed wearing their 'Medium' size life jackets for the first time, Graham is sure that - despite being excellent swimmers in rivers and ponds - the jackets will give a greater degree of safety when off-shore.


As Graham acutely observes: "who can doggy paddle two miles?"!

Gracie More Gracie!

Grateful for Gracie

Philippa Thompson of Rotherham wasn't sure which size would be the best fit for Gracie, her eight month old (and still growing) Hungarian Vizsla.

Ultimately, we agreed the best strategy was a 'Medium' size life jacket for this year and a 'Large' size jacket for Gracie next Christmas!

After a bad start as a puppy (five different homes in four weeks and neglected in most of them) Gracie finally arrived with Philippa when 15 weeks old. As soon as Gracie learnt to trust Philippa they never looked back.

Which isn't say everything is now all peace and harmony; to Philippa, Gracie is still "my ginger hooligan" - but most days she makes Philippa laugh so much she forgets how much trouble Gracie causes!

Gracie needs her life jacket as - due to a bad experience as a young puppy with a swan - she's a little unsure of water at the moment. With a Cowes holiday on the horizon (plus the fact that when she's indulging her favourite pastime of chasing birds Gracie doesn't notice anything else and could quite easily go over the harbour wall) it's safety for Gracie and peace of mind for Philippa.

Dagen Dagen - and friend!

All right, cock(er)!

Rob and Lyn Pealing, who live near Plymouth in Devon, bought a 'Medium' size life jacket for their one year old cocker spaniel Dagen who was born with a spine deformity. Although he runs, jumps and is an excellent swimmer (just the usual problem of trying to keep a cocker out of water!) Dagen's back legs are not as strong as most dogs - he has occasionally fallen backwards into water when trying to get out.

Rob and Lyn were worried that, whilst following their other two cockers, Dagen might fall - or more than likely jump - into deep water with steep sides. So for their own piece of mind they thought a life jacket was essential.

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of Dagen's life jacket is the confidence it gives his owners. As Lyn puts it, "he can play safely in the water with the big boys now",  without his owners fretting!

Dagen has been having hydrotherapy treatment; Rob and Lyn have now bought their own pool so Dagen's therapy can continue at home. The pic above shows Dagen in the pool - the jacket keeps his back end up, which helps his leg muscles.

The pool is a magnet for all three of their cockers. Rob and Lyn have realised the pooches would be more easily extracted if all had jackets with lifting handles - so they're also buying jackets for their two other cockers. (Lucky me!)

Rover, checking who's around


Dress sense

In this pair of photos Rover, the Border terrier of Jill Langley of Frampton Cotterell, near Bristol, gets kitted out in his 'Medium' size life jacket ready to go kayaking for the first time.

Nearly-three year old Rover is very familiar with being dressed for one reason or another.

Jill's daughter, Beth, goes out 'trick or treating' at Halloween with Rover dressed as a devil! And that's besides his Batman and Santa outfits!

Rover loves being in water; the Langleys live close to the Frome Valley Walkway, near Bristol - which fortunately has a waterway running through it. Jill estimates that Rover spends more time in the water than on the footpath!

Chester Rosie

Made to measure

Chester, the three year old cocker spaniel of Jane Slaymaker from Titchfield in Hampshire, shows the absolutely perfect fit of his 'Medium' size life jacket.

Chester is, in Jane's disarmingly frank opinion, "a real wimp" when it comes to noises - like a sail being pulled in or scary boat hooks in unexpected (to Chester!) places - but he's cute enough to get away with it!

Chester is photographed during the Slaymakers' sailing holiday on the south coast of England between Chichester and Plymouth. The lifejacket meant he could be brave walking around the foredeck unaccompanied (even when the seas were a bit lumpy) and it proved much easier with the lifting handle to get him in and out of the boats.

It's to everyone's disappointment (not least mine!) that on the one occasion when the jacket was used no-one had remembered the camera!

Where's Jim?*

Rosie, the 5 month old English Springer of Helen Chapman of Selkirk, sits in her 'Medium' size life jacket and wonders what on earth is going on as the narrowboat on which the Chapman family was holidaying leaves Bunbury, near Beeston in Cheshire.

This was Rosie's first narrowboat experience so she was understandably nervous. Luckily, at hand to hold her paw (so to speak) was nine year old Welsh Springer Amber - an old hand at narrowboat holidaying - together with Helen and husband Rob.

Very clever heading for those readers who are familiar with the 'Rosie & Jim' series of books which are set on a narrowboat. Wasted on those who aren't!

Molly More Molly!

Molly (M)alone

In Dublin's fair city
Where the girls are so pretty
I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone
As she wheeled her wheelbarrow
Through streets broad and narrow
Crying "Cockles, and mussels, alive alive-o"

Apparently Molly, the six year old springer spaniel of John Kelly of Dublin, can't speak human (far less sing it) but if she could John assures me her opinion of her 'Medium' size life jacket would be as noted on the side of the boat in the photo!

The photos of Molly (alone) were taken at Dun Laoghaire Marina in Dublin.

Jenny Jenny relaxing!

Ousing with confidence!

Rosemary and Nigel Marshall of Grange over sands, Cumbria, sent us these photos of Jenny, their eleven year old labrador/border collie cross wearing her 'Medium' size life jacket on the river Ouse in Yorkshire.

Although Jenny is used to narrowboat life the Marshall family had not been on a tidal river before and Jenny was wearing a life jacket for the first time. Rosemary reports that the jacket was simple to fit and - as the photos show - Jenny was very relaxed about the whole thing, finding lying down in it perfectly comfortable.

Humphrey Ian and Humphrey

Water baby!

Sarah and Gordon McConnell of Turriff, Aberdeenshire took their seven month old beagle Humphrey, wearing for the first time his 'Medium' size life jacket, for his very first swimming lesson on Inchmurrin island on Loch Lomond in Scotland.

(So that's two of our jackets photographed on Loch Lomond - won't be able to move for them up there soon!). (I wish!)

There are some fine legs on show in the image above (and not all of them canine, eh Gordon!) as Humphrey, under strict supervision, starts to find out what this swimming business is all about.

Sarah reports that Humphrey is very pleased with both the jacket and all the attention it brings him. (lonely hearts plug follows) Sarah also reports that if there are any lady beagles out there who like what they see, then Humphrey would love to hear from them!

Talula Talula - more poses!

No prohibition on looking good!

Tallulah, shown here wearing her 'Medium' size life jacket bought on the stand at the Beale Park Boat Show, is the seven-year old soft-haired wheaten terrier of Alex Reid of South Stoke, Oxfordshire.

Trivia Corner:

The name 'Tallulah' was popularised in the film 'Bugsy Malone' - a pastiche on the the Prohibition period in gangster-ridden Chicago, USA. For the film's younger target audience, the production of alcohol was replaced by the production of custard! The role of Tallulah was performed by (a very young) Jodie Foster.

Jack Jack - his jacket's so new it's still got the label attached!

Jack's alright now!

Jack was just 6 weeks old when Rhona Harrington of Upper Brynamman, Carmarthenshire, came across him in a ferret box! It transpired that he was in the box to protect him from the rats that infested the shed where he was kept! It was Christmas; it was freezing; it was Jack's lucky day! As Rhona notes, some people should never have animals, should they?

Jack is now 7 years old; how he has reached that age is, by Rhona's account, a miracle. The miracle being that she hasn't murdered him. Rhona has previously always had nice, friendly, obedient, dogs. Not Jack. He's a typical terrier who, when on the lead, wants to fight everything.

He hates anyone who brings anything to the door - especially the postman. Rhona ruefully reflects that Jack only cost £30 but the metal box to keep him away from the mail cost three times as much!

But Jack is a character. He loves a cwtch and has been a tremendous comfort to Rhona in helping her deal with some of life's recent hard blows. The rolling countryside around Brynamman offers some lovely walks - Jack loves it.

In these photos Jack poses in his 'Medium' size life jacket. Jack's size is right on the borderline between two sizes of jackets - the 'Small' and the 'Medium'. Sensibly, Rhona chose the larger size - which looks a very good fit to us! Well done Rhona!

At the moment, the jacket is just a precaution; Jack's not a water lover (no fear of him swimming out to sea from the beach - in fact he won't even go in for a paddle) but there are a few swans and ducks that hover around Rhona's boat; she fears that Jack is daft enough to leap in after them!

Skye Wes (he's the one on the surfboard)

Over the sea to Skye

Photographed in her 'Medium' size life jacket is Skye, the two year old Staffordshire bull terrier of Kevin and Lisa Wells, enjoying her weekly therapy in the pool at Mooreviews K9 Hydrotherapy in Dereham, Norfolk.

Tina and Paul Edwards, who run the hydrotherapy centre, have a full set of our Up Buoy life jackets - make an appointment and you can be sure your pooch will be in good hands - and in a good jacket! As Tina reported: "They knock spots off the ones we've had before!".

Live from Newquay - The Beach Boys!

Wes, the five year old Collie/Rottie cross of Esther and Paul Hanks of Porth, near Newquay in Cornwall, is photographed on Newquay beach in his 'Medium' size life jacket.

Wes loves body boarding and surfing but was getting a little tired when the intrepid trio stayed out too long in the water.

I've checked on a map and it appears to me that Newquay is lapped by the Atlantic Ocean - hence its reputation as the surfing capital of the UK, and no wonder the cold, turbulent conditions were sapping Wes's strength!

He's picking up good vibrations (groan!) from his life jacket now!


Kane - and Kevin!

Not too cross to canoe!

Lauren is the two year old collie/lab cross of Paula and Stuart MacLaren, and children Heather and Matthew, of Bawtry, near Doncaster.

Canoeing is a favourite hobby of Stuart and Matthew and so Lauren often takes the opportunity to go along for the ride. She's photographed wisely wearing her 'Medium' size life jacket.

Kane is able!

Kevin and Kane, a Staffordshire bull terrier, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire were enjoying a day out (if you can be enjoying a day out in that much rain!) at the Crick Festival 2008 when they happened across the stand.

In next to no time Kane was able to be snug and warm in his brand-new 'Medium' size life jacket.

Katie - waiting... Katie - with the wind in her hair!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Katie (known as 'Doodle' to her friends!) is the water-loving border collie of Nick Hardie of Omagh. Northern Ireland. As Katie was taken in as a stray her exact age isn't known, but she's assumed to be around 16 months old.

Although Katie is a small collie, Nick reports that her 'Medium' size life jacket fits perfectly - but still has plenty of room for a bigger dog too.

You learn something new every day: Nick tells me that in the republic of Ireland it is the law that all occupants of small craft must wear a lifejacket or flotation device. Now there's no need for Katie to be left out!

Sometimes Nick and his family take their boat out on the sea off the beautiful Donegal coast.

However, these pictures were taken on Loch Erne - just half an hour from home! Bliss!

Dhongo Two Shetland sheepdogs

Toy... Small... Medium...

Sal of Looe in Cornwall had the classic dilemma of a puppy owner who cares! Sal bought a 'Toy' size jacket for Django, her Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla pup; within two weeks Django had outgrown it!

Sal discussed her problem with us - with the circumstances in mind we supplied a 'Medium' size life jacket; everyone was happy! Django - aged just 14 weeks - is photographed in it on the Fowey Estuary, Cornwall.

Sea Swansea? See Shetlands!

Shadow (black) and Whisper (grey) - the two pedigree Shetland sheepdogs of Mark Oliver - wandered past at the Sea Swansea Festival, pausing just long enough to be kitted out in our 'Medium' size jackets - and giving me just enough time to photograph them!

Now try the heading above as a tongue-twister!


Sophie, with Bella (left) and Bandit (right). And Luke (far left!).

The bulldog spirit

When Alison Hunt bought a 'Medium' size life jacket for Sophie, her 9 month old English bulldog, her address was Fareham, Hampshire.

Since then the Hunt family has moved to Skegness, Lincolnshire, where they live just five minutes from the beach!

All three of their dogs (that's Bella the boxer and Bandit the springer spaniel in the background) love the sea. (So does Luke, Alison's son who's just about to fall out of the photo.)

As bulldogs can't really swim at all, a life jacket was an essential for Sophie. With her jacket on, everyone can relax when all three go bounding off into the surf almost every evening!


Jake on-board

A take on Jake

This is Jake, an approximately 18 month old Staffy/Labrador cross. Here he is on holiday on the Norfolk Broads doing a spot of sailing whilst sporting his 'Medium' size life jacket which came in handy when he lost his ball in the water and was determined to retrieve it!

Jake spent most of the holiday looking for other pirates and seeing off the ducks.

Jake has lived in Bicester, Oxfordshire with his family since February 2008 and is well behaved (when he wants to be), very energetic and playful.

Thanks for a brilliant jacket that Jake didn't mind wearing!

And my thanks to Adam Giles for the narrative!



Best Buddy's

Buddy, a whippet/lurcher cross, turned up at the stand at the Inland Waterways Association's 2008 National Festival and Boat Show in Wolverhampton and was fitted with a 'Medium' size life jacket.

Bath time!

Martyn, Rachael and baby Leo Raynor from Bath were enjoying a day out at the Inland Waterways Association's 2008 National Festival and Boat Show in Wolverhampton when they discovered the stand. Minutes later Hollie, their eight-and-a-half year old collie/whippet cross was photographed wearing her new 'Medium' size life jacket.

Gordon - and Marco

More of Gordon - and Marco!

Olympian ideals!

Marco and Anna Parma of Aosta Valley in Italy (top left, between Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, you can't miss it) bought a 'Medium' size life jacket for their very large beagle, Gordon. Marco can now easily lift 22 kilos (when dry!) Gordon from the Mediterranean Sea.

Marco reports that although beagles are notoriously hopeless in water, when wearing his jacket three year old Gordon turns into the canine equivalent of Michael Phelps (and, unlike Gordon, on his way to a sackful of gold medals young Mr. Phelps didn't have to contend with the choppy waters of the Med!).


Rusty - and mystery friend!

No, don't! I'm shy!

Kimberley and Edwin Rasche of Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire bought a 'Medium' size life jacket for apparently-camera-shy Rusty, her 14 year old Shetland sheepdog cross, before venturing 'up north' to the Lake District for a spot of canoeing as part of their honeymoon!

Kim, making life easy for RustyRusty has arthritis and swims weekly to stay fit and mobile. He finds being picked up an uncomfortable experience; however, he's happy to be picked up by the life jacket handle as it supports him underneath.

This makes lifting him in and out of the boat so much easier - and is even a benefit on dry land; just climbing a bank is easier when you've got a handle on your back!

Looking at the photo above, taken on Windermere, judging by the distance away from the canoe that Rusty has swum it's clear that Kim and Ed (and Rusty!) trust his life jacket!

Rusty - on the Norfolk Broads

The keen-eyed among you will already be penning letters of complaint:

"Dear Sirs, I wish to bring to your attention that the photograph of 'Rusty' sitting atop a yellow cabin could not have been taken in the Lake District; the species of reed shown in the background is only present on the Norfolk Broads."

It's true about the photo, which was taken on an earlier holiday. But not about the reeds!

Vanessa's Border

Vanessa's Borders!

Borderline sizes

Here are Vanessa Hubbert's two Border Terriers. One of them is wearing a 'Medium' size life jacket.

The other is wearing a 'Small' size life jacket.

Now then Vanessa, give us a clue what's what and who's who!

Going up in the world!

Field Spaniel

Going up in the world

Photographed at the 2009 Thame Country Fair was this springer spaniel in his new 'Medium' size life jacket.

Yes, the lifting handle works for big dogs too!

Fields of chocolate

This field spaniel - resplendent in his new 'Medium' size life jacket - and mum were also photographed at the 2009 Thame Country Fair.


Mystery pooch

At the Inland Waterways Association's 2008 National Festival and Boat Show in Wolverhampton this attractive little pooch appeared and was fitted with a 'Medium' size life jacket.

On a very busy afternoon in the fitting room a little Jack Russell can just be seen being fitted with a electra-glo yellow 4u life jacket.

At work in the lab

Photographed at the 2009 Monmouth Country Fair was this working labrador in his new 'Medium' size life jacket.

The 'working' versions of each breed are generally a little smaller than the 'non-working' versions; labradors are usually better-suited to our 'Large' size life jacket.


Coated chocolate

Photographed at the 2009 Monmouth Country Fair was this labrador/staffie cross, looking good in his new 'Medium' size life jacket.

Mist again

Photographed in her new 'Medium' size life jacket at the 2009 Southern Motorhome Show in Newbury was Misty, a whippet.

Cavalier King Charles Collie cross

Cavalier attitude 

Buster, a four year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel was photographed on the stand at the 2009 Crick Boat Show in his new 'Medium' size life jacket.


Tim, Sam and Abby Sedge of Harefield called in to the stand at the 2009 Crick Boat Show to kit out their two dogs. Zak, a husky cross, is photographed in his 'Medium' size dog life jacket.

Tim reports that the family was desperate to try out the jackets so on the way home (on a broiling day!) they stopped off at the aquadrome in Rickmansworth for a walk to find a suitable place to try the new jackets. "WOW, the dogs loved it and just floated around in the water without any cares at all."

The following weekend the family decided to try the life jackets again so they popped off to Harefield lakes and spent nearly two hours playing around in the water. "Zak has long hair and just loves bobbing around in the water cooling down and chasing sticks."

"We are so pleased with the life jackets and just wanted to say thank you from all of us for all your help and we wish you the best of luck for the future with the sale of these life jackets."

Nice to be appreciated!

Pharaoh hound / Pointer cross Huge westie!

Pyramid selling

Millie, a Pharaoh hound / German short-haired pointer cross, was photographed on the stand at the 2009 Crick Boat Show in her 'Medium' size life jacket.

Whopping westie

The biggest westie we've ever seen arrived on the stand at the 2009 Crick Boat Show and was fitted out in a 'Medium' size life jacket.

Collie cross

Basil and Polly. And Stephen.

Basil faulty? Not!

Glimpsed over Basil - her 10 year old collie cross in his 'Medium' size life jacket - and captured in a rare moment of relaxation is the ship's skivvy Denise McCarron of Milton Keynes, photographed at the leisure end of a holiday cruiser on the Norfolk Broads. The inset photo shows her partner Ross at the business end, complete with captain's hat set at a becomingly jaunty angle.

Saluki solution

The usual sizing problem of lurchers and greyhounds and other all-chest-and-legs breeds faced Steve and Jackie Hall of Market Rasen, active members of Lincoln Boat Club.

After a short email exchange Basil (left, a saluki/alsatian cross) and his mum Polly (right, a saluki) were both kitted out in 'Medium' size life jackets.

The photo to the left above is on the River Witham between Lincoln and Boston (don't give up the navigation nightclass, Steve).

The photo to the right above is at Torksey Lock marina on the Fossedyke Navigation, 11 miles north of Lincoln.



Wave hello!

Donna and Darren of Slough wanted to be confident that Poppy, their one-year old lab/staffie cross, would be safe in water. The thing bothering them was that although Poppy generally copes well in the water, when messing about she has a habit of stopping every now and then to shake the water out of her ears.

This is OK when she's standing on the bottom, but not so good on occasions that she's out of her depth when she stops paddling!

So confident were Donna and Darren that Poppy was safe in her new 'Medium' size life jacket that - as shown in the photo above - she was allowed to go a long way out in the sea to retrieve her ball. Thanks for trusting us!



Ruby's a gem

Louise Moore of Guildford bought a 'Medium' size life jacket for Ruby, her eighteen-month old cocker spaniel rescue dog.

Ruby is still very timid and nervous of the water. However, on the one occasion that she's summoned up the courage to jump in the tide was out (imagine the mess!).

G'day Bruno!

Robin Stammers of Ottery St Mary in Devon used our website to buy a 'Medium' size life jacket for Bruno, his six old Kelpie (Australian sheepdog).

A while later, when Robin called by the stand at the 2009 Inland Waterways Festival near Nottingham he was kind enough to allow us to photograph Bruno in his jacket.


Je t'adore, Cockador!

From roving-reporter Helen Townsend of Reading: "Well, here's 6 months old Hardy Townsend on his first boat trip on the Norfolk Broads over the 2009 August Bank holiday weekend. Not smiling in this shot but he was a very happy chappy!

"He's a Labrador/Cocker spaniel (cockador) cross (although we’re yet to see any Spaniel!). He loves the water but we were worried about being able to get him back on board in case he jumped (or fell). He didn't jump (stumbled slightly!), but the buoyancy aid has helped us get him back out of the water more easily by using the handle (very handy!).

"He's wearing a 'Medium' sized jacket which fits very well and has room for him to grow (which we're sure he will). He saw lots of other dogs wearing jackets so wasn’t embarrassed and we think the orange is definitely his colour - made him much easier to find at night too.

Making a splash

Margaret and Michael Brock of Turvey, near Bedford, bought a 'Medium' size life jacket for Harvey, their labradoodle. Harvey loves splashing about in water, but was proving a very reluctant swimmer. He's now regularly practicing in a hydrotherapy pool and seems to believe that he can't swim without his life jacket.

Well, it's a start!

RexFrozen pose

What's a boy to do? First day out in his new 'Medium' life jacket and wouldn't you know it - the canal's frozen over!

Here's Rex, the much-loved whippet of Julie and David Turner of Ripon, snuggled up indoors in the warm. Julie reports that Rex currently has a poorly foot, so great fun was had carrying him around by the 'grab handle'.

AlfieWell-dressed Staff

At the 2010 British Leisure Show held at Windsor Racecourse Alfie, a rescue Staffordshire bull terrier, was fitted out in a 'Medium' size jacket.



Which-am I?

John Sandford of Millom in Cumbria sent in this photo of Jessie on board narrowboat Whicham on the Lancaster Canal. Jessie, photographed wearing her 'Medium' sized jacket, is an English Springer spaniel aged 12-and-a-half - getting on a bit in dog years and perhaps becoming a little unstable. John finds the life jacket useful for emergency rescues - he can now lift Jessie out very easily.

Tia, Marie, ah!

Marie Leedham of Chesterfield sent in these photos from a family holiday in the Pembrokeshire / Carmarthenshire area of south Wales of Tia, a 4 year old cocker spaniel, in her 'Medium' sized jacket. The jacket fits Tia perfectly and she wasn't at all bothered by wearing it.

Tia will swim a little in lakes and rivers but is not so keen on swimming in the sea so the life jacket was purchased to see if it would make her more confident. She went in cautiously a few times but Marie think it's going to be 'a work in progress'.



It's a family affair

Cruising in a 'catacanoe' across a lake in the Cotswold Water Park is the majority of the Prosser family from Cheltenham - dad Jeremy, mum Janice, 18-year old Jessy and 15-year old Holly. Missing from the photo is eight-year old Maisy who had abandoned ship five minutes earlier when the attraction of an ice-cream with Grandma on the shore proved irresistible. Proudly standing at the helm is Tilly, the Prossers' three-year old Wheaten terrier (well at least, that's what Jeremy paid for...) in her 'Medium' size life jacket.

Shortly after this photo was taken Tilly made a break for the shore before quickly deciding that decision might have been a tad too ambitious, swiftly doing an about-turn towards the vessel - where the grab handle made it so much easier to get the heavy, wet, mutt back on board!

Jack in a jacket

Rosemary and Nigel Wright of Cheadle, near Stoke-on-Trent, sent in these photos of Jack, their four-and-a-half-year old collie, in his 'Medium' size life jacket near Smethwick Top Lock, Birmingham (not that you'd know it from the severe photo-crop!).

The Wrights found the life jacket "doubly useful as not only did we feel safer around the lock areas and we were able to get him out of the canal easier but also just pick him up when he had a confrontation with another dog. We acclimatised him Friday and Saturday morning so that he would not have too much to think about on holiday and he looked upon the jacket as a welcome accessory such as a lead. The weather has been quite warm and he did not seem overheated while he was wearing it or restricted in any way. Jack in his jacket attracted lots of attention and he was photographed quite a lot by passers-by and other tourists while we were in Birmingham."


Buddy with a friend

Bud's wiser

Buddy is the four year old cocker spaniel of June Calder of Leeds, shown here in his new 'Medium' sized life jacket. Buddy is not that keen on water so on boating trips there's peace of mind for everyone knowing he has his jacket on!

As a caption for the photo above June suggests:

Well, if I'm going to get wet... so is my teddy!!!!

Tibetan Terrier


Trad Thames' Tibetan Terrier

A visitor to our stand at the 2010 Thames Traditional Boat Rally was this Tibetan Terrier, who left in a very smart 'Medium' size life jacket.

And gave me the opportunity of a little alliteration.

Murphy's Law

"Jump first; think later."

Together with her interpretation of Murphy's law, Dorothy Paton of Glasgow sent in these photos of Murphy, her springer spaniel (with friend Harray in the inset pic), in his 'Medium' size life jacket.


Dennis again!

No menace for Dennis

Antony from Walton-on-Thames sent us these pics of Dennis in his 'Medium' size life jacket, together with this narrative:

"Dennis, the 5 month old Labradoodle from Surrey, had a great time on the Norfolk Broads. He wasn't keen on developing his sea legs until he was presented with his life jacket.

"So with Katie (9) and Harry (7), also clad in jackets, he took to dashing round the outside of the boat with real enthusiasm.

"He enjoyed sitting up on the prow, lapping up the admiring glances and envious comments of everyone going past. From our point of view, knowing that in the event of "man/dog overboard" everyone was suitably attired, made us very relaxed and we could get on with enjoying our holiday."



Bobbing along

"As promised here's a picture of our staffie Bob, resplendent in his life jacket. I have to say it's a marvellous piece of kit. We had to leave it on him while we were chugging along in our narrowboat and he wasn't bothered by it one bit... in fact I think he quite liked it. It's so good we'll also be using it as a wet weather/winter coat."

Generous words from Tom Arnott from Hanwell in London.

Barking out orders

Paul Steele from Woking in Surrey has this to say: "This is 16 month old Skye on holiday with us in her 'Medium' size life jacket. She is a fairly small blue merle border collie and enjoyed being the captain of the boat on the Kennet and Avon canal.

"For her first time on a canal boat we felt it was important for her to have a suitable life jacket, even though she can swim. Her life jacket fitted perfectly, with a tad of growing room available, and was very easy to put on and take off. She concentrated so well with it on she was even able to resist chasing the ducks. She had to look away occasionally, as you can see. However, she could still bark out the orders when needed, as you can also see."



Apple of her eye

Claire Levett of Collumpton in Devon sent us this photo of Bramley, her eight-month old Sprocker spaniel in his 'Medium' size Classic life jacket on a north Devon beach. (Also sqeezing into the pic is Hamish, Claire's six-year old westie in his 'Small' 4u life jacket.)

Claire reports that: "The jackets have really helped them both with staying warmer in the water and giving them more confidence".


As if by magic, Claire Bryant of Alltwen, near Swansea, ordered a 'Medium' size Classic life jacket for Abra, and within days the family was off enjoying a care-free canal holiday.

Never seen one worn over a fleece coat before!

Labrador puppy


Little lab

Here's a labrador puppy, photographed at the 2011 Inland Waterways festival at Burton-on-Trent in a 'Medium' size Classic life jacket.

For your Peru-sal

Teresa Buck of Nuneaton, Warwickshire kindly sent in this photo of 20 months old Inca, pictured on Huttoft Beach, near Sutton on Sea in Lincolnshire, wearing her 'Medium' size Classic life jacket.

Despite the life jacket, Teresa reports: "She still wasn't keen on the sea, she said the white waves were too big and scary, though she did like to paddle in it and chase the waves (untill the waves came in and chased her). A few days later she was on a Welsh beach with a confirmed water dog and wouldn't swim with him either. Despite her lack of swimming skills she truly loves the beach and rolling in the sand; I considered changing her name to Sandy".

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