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The 'Forester'

camouflage coats for dogs

You can order here and pay online by PayPal or credit or debit card using our secure payment system. You can also use this system if you're paying by cheque or postal order. Just type in a quantity - the subsequent screens explain all! You aren't committed to making a purchase until the very last screen - after you've been shown the modest postal charges - so you'll have plenty of opportunities to see the total and, should you choose, change your mind!

Jack Russell in the 'Forester'

Coat length:

8" (20cms) at 11.50

10" (25cms) at 12.50
12" (30cms) at 13.50
14" (35cms) at 14.50
16" (40cms) at 15.50
18" (45cms) at 16.50
20" (50cms) at 17.50
22" (55cms) at 19.50
24" (60cms) at 21.50
26" (65cms) at 23.50
28" (70cms) at 25.50
30" (75cms) at 27.50

If ordering on-line is a little too fast for your comfort, clicking on 'Contact' above will show you how you can contact us by email or phone.

Last updated: 25 March 2010

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