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The two storage pockets, or panniers, of the Bak-Pak are deliberately identical to each other, so that loads - food, water, treats and other gear - can be evenly balanced. The pockets feature internal mesh dividers and one pocket has an additional attachment clip - so your more valuable items (car keys, mobile phone, etc) can be safely stored.

A range of views of the 'Bak-Pak' panniers

A range of views of the 'Bak-Pak' Standard panniers

The three smaller sizes of the Bak-Pak (Toy, Small and Medium) are available with only the 'Standard' size of panniers, a size which is appropriate to the essentially modest loads which dogs suitable for these sizes might be expected to carry. We really don't want to encourage anyone to put greater loads on those backs than they were designed to carry! The two largest sizes of Bak-Pak (the Large and Giant) are available in a choice of two pannier sizes - the 'Standard' and the 'Maxi'. Whilst the 'Standard' panniers offer adequate capacity for most day-to-day carrying requirements, if you're planning on more serious carrying the 'Maxi' panniers offer a significantly greater carrying capacity - but please be sure your animal (besides the large dog breeds this is also donkey, pony, llama, goat territory!) can comfortably support the weight.

The two different depths of 'Bak-Pak' panniers

There are two different sizes of panniers for the Large and Giant 'Bak-Paks' - the Standard (left) and Maxi (right)

The wide back pad spreads the weight of the load and locates it away from the centre of the dog's back where it could cause harm. When empty, the back-pack is surprisingly lightweight.

The reflective safety strip, which runs the length of both sides of the back-pack, will ensure your dog is visible when out on dark nights.

Laid out below is a table showing the dimensions of the various panniers. We do understand how difficult it can be to visualise the size of a particular pannier based on its dimensions; we've therefore included a 'Capacity' column. Based on the assumption that everyone can visualise the size of a standard-sized can of baked beans (or peeled plums, or spaghetti hoops, or whatever), the 'Capacity' column shows the number of cans which will fit in each pannier. (Remember that every backpack has two panniers so the total carrying capacity will be double the number of cans shown.) It seems to us this is as good an indication of capacity as anything else - and better than most!
Dimensions (cms):
Bak-Pak: Pannier size: Capacity of each pannier: Length Depth Height


Standard Beanz 19.0 4.5 9.0


Standard BeanzBeanz 24.0 5.5 11.5


Standard BeanzBeanzBeanz 28.0





BeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanz 32.0 7.5 14.0


Maxi BeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanz 32.0 15.0 28.0



BeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanz 37.0 7.5 19.0



BeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanzBeanz 37.0 15.0 33.0

Last updated: 19 October 2012

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