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The 'Animate' range of dog coats

'Animate' dog coats - the ultimate in canine luxury!

Manufactured in a soft-touch, tear-resistant, fully-padded material, these jackets are designed to take care of the welfare of your dog - being waterproof, windproof, reflective and moisture-permeable.

We offer a full range of coats from luxury under-body panelled padded coats for all-weather wear to light rain coats for the warmer months of the year.

The outer material is manufactured from 100% 'breathe-time' nylon. 

The padded coats are manufactured using a 100% polyester filament, whilst the soft inner lining of all the coats is 100% cotton/polyester.

Animate coats, which are available in a wide range of colours, can be wipe-cleaned using a damp cloth and are all fully machine washable.

Kaye Honeybun's set!'Breathe-time' fabric

The 'Breathe-time' fabric used in Animate coats is produced using hi-tech processes to achieve water and wind resistance (to keep adverse weather out) together with high moisture permeability (to let the dog's natural vapour out) whilst maintaining a cosy, soft-touch feeling, ensuring the jacket is not only extremely purposeful but also very comfortable to wear. 'Breathe-time' also maintains the animal's natural body temperature whilst performing outdoor activities; with exterior temperatures ranging anywhere between the extremes of -20 degrees to +45 degrees the 'Breathe-time' fabric will maintain a pleasing temperature for your dog.

Animate coats are available in a range of 14 sizes, from 8" (20cms) to 34" (85cms), in 2" (5cms) increments. The huge amount of adjustment available means that problems associated with fitting around the girth are very rarely encountered.

The 34" Jet coat on a small horse! And the 8" on a doglette!The tiny 8" (20cms) coat enables the very smallest of dogs to be protected from the weather, whilst at the other end of the range the enormous 34" (85cms) coat is big enough to fit a small horse. The evidence is in the montage alongside!

For on-going security, on the inside of each coat is stitched a discreet 'owner' label.

Every Animate coat is supplied in its own PVC zip and handled bag - great for storing the coat when not in use.

Please, no laughing at the artificial model used on these pages! We started out trying to photograph all the coats on our 'real' labrador Phoebe, but it was taking forever and we were getting nowhere! (Never work with children or animals.) By the way, if it helps you assess coat sizes the (artificial) model is the size of a very small labrador (or a large spaniel) and is wearing the range of 22" (55cms) coats.

Angela Sinclair of Maidstone bought two of our Animate dog coats and has given permission for us to publish the (unsolicited!) email she subsequently sent.

Ian hi,

Don't know if you'll remember me from Olympia, I bought two doggy coats from you, carried them around for ages, came back and changed them for bigger sizes - and asked for a G&T!!!!

Anyway, only managed to get your address today.

Just felt I had to let you know how pleased I am with the coats. Everyone is impressed how the coats don't shift and ask where I got them. I could have sold loads!!! Pity you don't have an outlet in Maidstone!!

Won't ramble on about how wonderful they are - I'm sure you already know.

Thanks again for the best doggy product I've ever bought.

Now back to the G&T!!!!

Kind regards

Angy x


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Last updated: 30 November 2010

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