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Choosing the best size of life jacket for your dog

To gain an approximate idea of the size/s of jacket which may fit your dog, click here and a pop-up window will show you a range of the typical breeds of dogs which suit each size of life jacket. On the basis that you've got a reasonable idea of how your dog compares in size to the breeds listed, this should give you a general idea of which size of life jacket may suit your dog.

Measure around the chestNow measure around your dog's chest. This is the most important measurement - if the jacket doesn't fit around your dog, it's not going to fit! From behind the front legs, measure all the way around the widest part of its rib cage and over its back. Remember to add an inch or two if you're planning to use a harness under the life jacket; also, bear in mind if your dog has a heavy seasonal coat, or whether its size may increase.

Now look at the 'Essential' part of the table below, and you'll see that your dog's chest measurement will have either determined the appropriate size of life jacket or, possibly, left you with a choice of two sizes. If, for example, your dog's chest measured 14" you'll see from the table that the suitable life jacket is a 'Tiny' size. If the chest measured 15", then both 'Tiny' and 'Toy' are suitable sizes. Where there are two suitable sizes, the better size will become evident when you look at the 'Desirable' (maximum weight) and 'Preferable' (minimum length) part of the table.

Sizing diagram

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes; you may need to depart from the guidelines above if your dog is particularly thick- or thin-set. Only you know that! But remember - the chest size is paramount!

Still not sure?

You may still be unsure of the correct size of jacket to buy - we do understand that there are some amazing combinations of cross-breeds out there!

In which case, why not send us an email at dogs@feats.com, including the measurements of the dog's chest and length and, if possible, weight. Please also mention the dog's breed/s to give us an idea of the jackets which would be suitable (knowing the breed/s also gives us a clue should you get your cms and inches confused!). If you could attach a photo of your dog this would be an additional help, particularly in borderline cases where it's difficult to choose the better of two sizes. We'll happily advise you of the size we think you need. This simple exchange of emails must be preferable to the hassle involved for everyone if you order the wrong size of life jacket! (We'll exchange it, but it is a hassle worth avoiding if possible!)

Please note: every manufacturer's sizes will vary - one manufacturer's small is another manufacturer's medium. The table above is for use with our '4u' life jackets only! You use it to calculate the correct size of someone else's life jackets at your peril. (And your dog's!)
Last updated: 28 January 2010

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