Just hanging around!All dogged up!

Customers' dogs - and cats! - all dogged up (or catted up, I suppose) in their fashion life jackets and ready to face the worst the elements can throw at them!

Illustrated on the pages linked below are all three sizes of our 4u life jackets: 'Tiny' (Extra-extra-small); 'Toy' (Extra-small) and 'Small'. If you're not sure which size is most suitable for your pooch, perhaps the photos on this page will help you.

If you've taken a photo - or even a video! - of your dog in one of our life jackets and are happy to share it with the world please email it me!

Tiny (Extra-extra-small) 4u life jackets

Toy (Extra-small) 4u life jackets

Small 4u life jackets

Last updated: 28 January 2010

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