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Our '4u' range of polka dot and electra glo dog life jacketsBeing safe doesn't mean you can't be stylish too!

Of course every dog (and cat) should be fitted with a life jacket any time they're near water.

Now, at the same time your pooch is absolutely safe it can also look absolutely fabulous in a pink polka dot, blue polka dot or yellow electra glo life jacket!

People will tell you dogs can swim and therefore don't need life jackets. This is true - as far as it goes (which isn't very far!). The fact that the dog is in water will start to compromise its swimming ability. The cold temperature will quickly use the dog's energy and reduce its strength; its coat will soon weigh it down. And a heavy sea will permit it little chance of survival before rescue is at hand. Having a life jacket will create some extra time for rescue; the grab handle, integral to the life jacket, will make your dog an easier target for securing by hand or boathook. And if your pooch has just gone for a swim in calm waters, he can float until he's hauled back aboard. The luminescent quality of the jacket - together with the highly-reflective strips (and polka dots!), will make your dog more easily spotted in low-light situations.

The 4u 'Small' size pink polka dot life jacket modelled by ButtercupPerhaps the other most obvious benefit of a life jacket is for those dogs which are using hydrotherapy - or other water-based treatment - as an aid to recovery. A jacket maximises the benefit of such treatment to the dog.

It's difficult to think of any arguments against a dog life jacket! They're inexpensive now - they could be priceless tomorrow! And the jackets in our '4u' polka dot and electra glo fashion range look sensational too!

These jackets are also fabulous as warmth coats for pooches on cold evening walks - no more excuses, just slip it on your pooch - three clicks of the snap-click fastenings and you're away-to-go! - the amazing insulation will ensure you both enjoy that brisk walk around the park!

Your pooch will really turn heads
with a jacket from the 
Up Buoy '4u' range !

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Last updated: 28 January 2010

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