So, here you are at last! Out of all the billions (probably trillions by now) of websites on this interweb-thingy you've arrived at the homepage of little old buy1or2.com here in the good old UK! You're very welcome!

In fact, you're so welcome that we'd love you to take away a memento of your visit to us. To make sure it's something you'd like, just go to any of our shop pages and buy whatever takes your fancy! (Well, we are here to sell things!)

The snazzy name buy1or2.com may make us sound like we're a big, corporate sales outlet. Wrong. In fact, there are just a few of us (we're photographed alongside, joyfully arriving at work) offering a very personal service as we supply high quality products at extremely competitive prices. Very, very quickly!

You'll find we're offering a pretty eclectic range of items - the single common factor is that they're all products which have struck us as being interesting to sell. If you want to check anything about the items, their prices, guarantee periods, delivery speed and charges, perhaps a detail about the product that we haven't covered but is particularly relevant for you, or maybe you're simply seeking reassurance that the products we're supplying are as good as we say they are (they are!), our full contact details are available on almost all the pages by clicking 'Contact' at the top right corner of your screen. You can phone and have the reassurance of speaking to a human any time we're not all asleep (we're on UK time). If you want to email us about something right now, just click here!

Our range of products has been steadily diminishing over the years; now we focus exclusively on doggy products.

So let's go to paw-things.com!

Last updated: 24 June 2015

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